factory-floorThe capabilities of ICPL allow it to move across industry boundaries to be involved in yachts, motor boats, kayaks, surfboats, camper trailers, industrial parts, large sculptural structures, furniture, aerospace and the building industry.

Key to this transition is the ability to problem solve and contribute practical engineering, logistical, and manufacturing solutions to what are often conflicting product requirements. Cross industry pollination also allows for a wider range of technologies being applied in innovative ways.

This is coupled with a flat organizational structure that combines a broad knowledge base with a low cost structure. The regional location of IC contributes to this business model.

Strategic acquisition and development of core competencies enables IC to evolve to meet what is a constantly evolving market environment.

ICPL currently supplies products/services to customers around the world.

Composite construction is the broad definition of ICPL’s core competency, but this covers a multitude of disciplines and stages. Knowledge of this production “chain” needs to be properly understood and integrated into process design to maximize the value of composite construction.

Effective communication with our customers, proper understanding of product applications and usage, as well as fully defined task scope, are critical competencies that ICPL strives to achieve.

Information translation and communication. Receipt of design or product information needs to be assessed to select most appropriate materials, part/mould breakdown, cost effective production technique, and appropriate quality standard. Knowledge and use of drafting and modelling software such as Autocad, Solidworks, Rhinocad and basic plan reading skills as well as extensive production experience and technical product knowledge is essential to negotiate this planning phase. Mould and product design also utilizes these tools, although we do not offer design as a capability other than as it aids the production process.

cnc-machinePlug and mould construction is aided by the use of an onsite CNC 3 axis cutter (3×1.8x.3m bed) and access to a large bed 5 axis CNC mill (6.4×2.2×1.2). This is complemented by the fairing, finishing and mould preparation skills developed over years of practical experience.

Lamination: The combination of glass, aramid and carbon fibres with appropriate resin systems, combined with various types of sandwich construction offers almost unlimited decorative and structural construction possibilities. The knowledge and experience of the many laminating techniques such as hand layup, infusion, RTM, vacuum/ oven cured resins and alternative technologies as well as broad technical knowledge allows for appropriate production and quality parts construction.

Post production processing. Integrated structural positioning, adhesion and secondary bonding of structural assemblies as well as final commissioning procedures can be critical to a successful composite construction project. Tertiary installation of non structural components, machinery, systems and hardware also form part of our core competency.

Industry Network developed through a long involvement in the industry helps us define our limitations and address these through consultation with acknowledged and respected subject matter experts and suppliers.

Located in the Flinders Industrial Estate at South Nowra in the Shoalhaven region 2 hours south of Sydney. This area provides good industrial facilities, related business and infrastructure support. The regional location is essential from a competitive perspective. The closeness of Sydney and Canberra allows use of a multitude of transport options.

Future development in planning includes:

  • Construction/acquisition of on-site Autoclave to provide better laminate consolidation and controlled cure of critical structural components to widen product scope
  • Acquisition of 3D printer