rag-in-factoryNew Builds

Innovation Composites has the skills, people and facility to build new yachts and motor boats from the smallest power boat to a 100 footer Super-maxi. Our staff have the experience in a range of materials and processes from polyester resin and e glass to epoxy carbon prepreg in either hand layup, chopper gun or vacuum bag infusion and oven cure carbon prepreg as appropriate.

There is a move back to building custom boats in Australia due to changing currency conditions, transport costs, the questionable build quality and accountability of some foreign yards and cost of supervision and lack of client involvement in the project.

Many of our customers value the experience and involvement of building a new boat and wish consultation on build details, to be able to visit the yard easily and have reassurance on product quality.


From a small gelcoat repair/detail to a full transom and floor replacement in the fibreglass runabout to full carbon fibre/epoxy structural repair on  Grand Prix yachts, we have the skills and resources to provide cost effective solutions to both cosmetic and structural repairs.