How to build a 45 ft luxury Home Cruiser in under 3 minutes

Crack Australian crew reign supreme at world titles in Texas and it’s all made possible by Innovation Composites

Winning one of sailing’s most coveted trophies has been made even sweeter by them using a new Australian-built Etchells loaded with original thinking by Allanson and Murray themselves.

Making beautiful design concepts into a reality – one step at a time :-)

Custom stairs and three flight balustrade install.

A combination of plywood, solid timber and composite parts. The flowing effect of this sweeping staircase will create a breathtaking feature in this beautiful home. Stay posted for final photos.

Houseboat build and she’s a beauty

10 berth houseboat – 45 feet to luxury!

45 foot! Ain’t she big!


Moulds down and ready for prep

Resurfacing the mould. Hull done and bulkhead in with beams fitted. One very tired deck mould is now nearly ready to make a deck from.

Custom made Carbon Fibre RV under construction – watch this space….

Watch the journey as this super special vehicle comes to life. A custom built super RV that will blow you away. Amazing space is created when the sides, rear and deck are out. The views from the roof will be incredible. Yes views!  This is top shelf.

Parts going up and down, in and out. The washer / dryer has been installed along with the bench tops, fridge, dishwasher and oven.  The internal stairs leading up to the top deck are under construction and the electric door opening operational.


Some more Carbon Fibre bits and pieces cooked in the oven to perfection 🙂

Progressing on this luxury RV….

This is special!   Rear end taking shape – this vehicle boasts a full fold out rear deck!