Happy 11th Birthday to Innovation Composites

Today marks our 11th year in business as Innovation Composites. Following the sudden liquidation of Azzura Marine in 2010, we started with 3 people and big hopes for a brighter future.  Today we employee 30 people with clients from across Australia and around the world. Our business model is based on a successful combination of diversification and a committed team of talented tradesman.

We are very proud of what we have achieved so far and look forward to the future.

I want to thank our current and former employees and also a very big thanks to all our clients.

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The Haines revival is going crazy – a boat worth the bucks!!






Innovation Composites chosen to partner with the best of the best

Raytheon Australia has announced its team of 10 Australian SMEs to deliver a fully sovereign Australian industry capability to the Army if it is selected to deliver the LAND 129 Phase 3 tactical unmanned aerial system project

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New transom and floor