A pioneering machine departing traditional limitations

As a key partner in manufacturing the next generation foil-bourne sail racer, Innovation Composites is thrilled to be a part of this cutting edge innovation and design.  These amazing vessels feature unprecedented aerodynamic & hydrodynamic efficiency along with a maximum possible power to weight. The SuperFoiler will not disappoint. 

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 SuperFoiler meet the team

Anthony Williams

Adam Burbank

Steve Bealey

Greg Cavill

Mark Rowed

Progress Report Nov 25 2016

Progress Report Dec 7 2016



Main hull


High temp carbon fibre tooling

superfoil    super3

SuperFoiler high temp carbon beam mould completed

super super1

SuperFoiler carbon tooling complete

2    1

Ain’t she beautiful!

sf1         sf

Boards plugs for the SuperFoiler CNC

14963224_1334684829889020_7131211267407148813_n    ski-mould

High temp carbon mould infusion time

4    3

Infused epoxy high temp carbon moulds for SuperFoiler boards

15181596_1354493004574869_3933448932245150507_n 15232057_1354493027908200_7495751437182583970_n


Second tiller pre-preg layup


Float nomex core being fitted to carbon skins


Carbon Nomex bulkheads and structure


Centre hull structure in and being closed up shortly