If you’ve scratched, trashed it, bashed it or sunk it over the holidays – just give us a call

Running a ground can be devastating for some yacht owners but we’ve got you covered!

Innovation Composites has been bringing this former I.O.R yacht back to new after running a ground last year

A new bowsprit for Scallywag – too easy! Watch this space.

After breaking the bowsprit early on in the 2018 Sydney to Hobart event, our friends at team Scallywag were on the phone to us. Innovation Composites are only to happy to get it sorted.

Custom made Carbon Fibre RV under construction – watch this space….

Progressing on this luxury RV….

This is special!

A custom built super RV that will blow you away. Amazing space is created when the sides, rear and deck are out. The views from the roof will be incredible. Yes views!  This is top shelf.

Rear end taking shape – this vehicle boasts a full fold out rear deck!

Merry Christmas 2018